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- Forest biomass -

INCOS Stratégies works all along the value chain, from the forest to the consumer. It has extensive knowledge of the main forest certification programs in North America and Europe such as the Forest Stewardship Council - FSC®, the PEFC™ , the Sustainable Forest Initiative - SFI® program and  the Sustainable Biomass Program  - SBP.

INCOS Stratégies support organisations to understand standard requirements and evaluate how they can be integrated in existing practices or if new procedures must be defined.  New requirements such as FSC Controlled Wood, FSC Multisite or Supply Base Evaluations should not be barriers to certification.

If your business is in promoting forest based products, originating directly from forests or if you are a manufacturer or a distributor, or if you own a printer shop or promote wood products in real estate, INCOS Stratégies answers your questions to become certified or maintain your certificate.

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